Now the cold at the little girl make a snowman, after the change of the world, has become a woman, but still forget the memory of childhood. I really thank god give me everything, thanks to my parents let me come to this world, let me see so beautiful elf! Flying patches of snow, which one is me? I think, must have a is my inside.

This life, I can also how many times the opportunity to see snow again, appreciate the snow looks? May a handful! Snowflakes in such as temperament elegant woman, showing her lithe and graceful body appearance in the air; In accordance with her light and demure woman, like her most beautiful dance alone on earth; The appearance of the floor, her gentle in accordance with such as family, wen wan remarkably. I think is the most beautiful language in the world are used to describe it is not the beauty of its own? Even if it is in the ground into mud splashed on me, I still love it, originally I was so like the snow.

Always wanted , enter the land of the living quietly, quietly leave, transcendental to the world, and easy elegant and not make public, not artificial, not vanity, not dazzling, with the pure elegant lotus white, his entire life.