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Women need to learn to love themselves

Le 27 juin 2018, 10:51 dans Humeurs 0

In life, we also find that although some women are old, they are still round and graceful, with clear eyes and white face, and look much younger than their actual age. The same women, why the difference? Because they know how to care for themselves.

According to Chinese medicine, the kidney is the essence of nature, and the spleen is the essence of nurture. Women are Yin, not more than Yang. Women are born with liver, liver blood deficiency, liver qi depression. Women should start from these aspects.

Adjusting the state of mind to adjust a good state of mind is the basis of women's maintenance. "In health care, we must put the mind first. If the heart is not sick, then god is not sick. More reading, more hobbies, quiet spirit, indifferent to fame and wealth, tolerance and kindness, optimistic upward, is the main means to cultivate the heart, can dredge the liver, kidney and spleen. Liver and kidney temper normal, the body will not be broken, the face will not fade yellow.

Cold - proof and warm women for Yin, congenital deficiency of Yang qi, wen Yang is very important for women self - maintenance. Preventing cold and keeping warm is the easiest way to keep warm, especially during menstruation and puerperium. Eating warm and warm food to help Yang, such as red sugar ginger tea, ginger mutton soup, red dates and Chinese wolfberry soup, can keep the body Yang qi, so that it is not weak, so that the body qi and blood running smoothly. Exercise can boost your positive energy. Warm moxibustion has "the sea of Yang mai" the governor pulse, can help alleviate the female palace cold and other diseases.

Nourishing blood and dredging liver of women liver blood deficiency, liver qi depression. Nourishing the liver is the most important part of self-maintenance for women. How nourishing the liver blood, dredge liver gas? The book of the yellow emperor says, "man lies down and brings blood to the liver, and man moves blood to the sutras." Sleep is the best beauty for women. Do not smoke, do not stay up late, take a good nap every day to ensure 7 to 8 hours of sleep. In addition, some nourishing the liver blood food is also a good way to eat, such as goji berries, gelatin, lily, dates, goji berries and so on. The best way to relax is to exercise, walk, run, climb mountains, sing and dance. Liver blood nourishes sufficient, liver qi dredges, body from strong, eyes from clear, face from white.


It's a natural rule, but if we do our best to preserve it, we can make it late, late, or later, until we age with ease, grace and dignity.

Talented people are easy to achieve

Le 14 décembre 2017, 10:38 dans Humeurs 0

The richness of one's experience determines the thickness of one's resume. Don't think you have no experience, but you have no confidence. Ordinary step, can also walk out of the great journey. The simpler your experience, the better your chances of changing your life. Our life today was decided three years ago, and our life three years later is today. Anyone can decide what our future will look like from now on.

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Since life's experience is more important than your life's history, take your fear with you and go for it instead of staying in your comfort zone. Only in this way can we become stronger ourselves. Otherwise, apart from wasting time, you can't make yourself grow up. Some people, faced with a little difficulty, back down and never recover. Others are brave in the face of great difficulties. And which one do you belong to?

If you find it hard to walk now, you are walking uphill. Difficulty, like a stubborn stone, is a stumbling block to the weak and a stepping stone to the strong. Impossible is Impossible = I'm possible.

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There is no inherent faith in this world, only faith that is constantly cultivated. This short film, called Unbroken, is from Mateusz M overseas. He often produces film clips, combined with inspirational speeches. In the exciting background of music, every sentence is directed at the heart of the people, which is super inspirational, and every time I watch it, my blood boils.

Clip, he cited Steve jobs famously said, "your time is limited, so don't waste in someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma, don't live in other people's ideas and look forward to. Don't let the noise of others' opinions, about your own inner voice. Most importantly, brave to follow your heart and intuition, only your heart and intuition to know your own real thoughts, everything else is secondary recombinant flu vaccine."

The purpose of living is not to live forever, but to live forever. A self with a mission. Doing the right thing is always more important than doing it right. If a man is weak, he is his own worst enemy. A man who is brave is his best friend. The difference between being weak and being brave is whether you can face up to your flaws and bear the worst consequences.

Beautiful woman like snowflakes

Le 21 mars 2016, 10:45 dans Humeurs 0

Now the cold at the little girl make a snowman, after the change of the world, has become a woman, but still forget the memory of childhood. I really thank god give me everything, thanks to my parents let me come to this world, let me see so beautiful elf! Flying patches of snow, which one is me? I think, must have a is my inside.

This life, I can also how many times the opportunity to see snow again, appreciate the snow looks? May a handful! Snowflakes in such as temperament elegant woman, showing her lithe and graceful body appearance in the air; In accordance with her light and demure woman, like her most beautiful dance alone on earth; The appearance of the floor, her gentle in accordance with such as family, wen wan remarkably. I think is the most beautiful language in the world are used to describe it is not the beauty of its own? Even if it is in the ground into mud splashed on me, I still love it, originally I was so like the snow.

Always wanted , enter the land of the living quietly, quietly leave, transcendental to the world, and easy elegant and not make public, not artificial, not vanity, not dazzling, with the pure elegant lotus white, his entire life.

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